Life Regrow

It is a LIFE Environment Policy & Governance project (LIFE16-ENV / ES / 000331) co-financed by the European Union.

The project lasts for three years (start date 01/10/2017- end date 31 / 06/2021). The development of the project will be carried out Mora (Toledo, Spain) under the coordination of the Exmo. Mora City Council and the cooperation of the Asociación Española de Municipios de Olivo (AEMO), the SME Gestión de residuos Manchegos (GESREMAN), and the universities of Almería (UAL) and Miguel Hermandez (UMH).


  • regenerate a rural brownfield (olive mill wastewaters-OMW abandoned ponds)
  • by applying different in situ biorecovering strategies (bioremediation and phytoremediation/composting) for site decontamination
  • and reclamating the area to grow a green multifunctional infrastructure with educational purposes
The objective is to restore a space occupied by a disused wastewater pond, applying in situ different biological strategies (bioremediation, phytoremediation and composting) in order to reduce pollution, transforming the area into a multidisciplinary green infrastructure educational and training



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LIFE REGROW with students of Agro-Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

The professors of the UMH (José Sáez Tovar and Dra. María Dolores Pérez Murcia) teach the 25th students of Agro-Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences (the academic year 2021-2022) the class: "Bio-restoration of plant water: use of worms."

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Planting 25 varieties of olive trees.

The City Council of Mora is planting 25 varieties of olive trees donated by AEMO.

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LIFE-REGROW = Biodiversity

Tuesday, November 30:The LIFE-REGROW eco-park increases the biodiversity of the area.

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